C21ETV is based in Calgary, Canada. Its projects, well over 1,000, of which over 600 hours of programing have been broadcast by various networks, all of them being certified by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission as ''Canadian Programs'', include made for TV weekly programs, documentaries, Internet projects, corporate and instructional videos, commercials, reports, interviews, educational and training videos, video profiles, DVDs and CDs.

Bow Skyscraper - Calgary
Height: 236 meters [774 ft]

Brookfield Skyscraper - Calgary
Height: 247 meters [810 ft]
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Full Documentary, Length: 48:49 min.
VLAD the IMPALER: Life, Places, and Death
This documentary is not a flashy Hollywood production, which may disappoint some of the viewers. But, if you want a logical, clear, historically accurate perspective on the man that was deemed to become the Master of the Undead, and more lastingly, Count Dracula, then this documentary is for you. The film explores the temporal course of Vlad's life, documenting his world as objective reality.

Full Documentary, Length: 55:17 min.
WALKING ON OIL: Alberta's oil sands
This is a narrative driven Television essay that melds natural history, stunning scenery, and technological and scientific explanations to tell a timely story. It identifies 10 energy companies. Some of these merged in the last years, but they are all involved in oil sands projects in Alberta. Alberta's landscape forms the backdrop of the program.

Full Prologue, Length: 05:24 min.
PROLOGUE to the GE Series
GE helps both native and non-native speakers of English to:
1. Improve The Clarity Of Their Phonics,
2. Enhance The Grammar Of Their Spoken English,
3. Master The Parts Of Speech, And
4. Boost Their Writing Skills.

Sample Only, Length: 07:28 min.
EPISODE 07 - Preview
Host: Patricia Anghelescu,
Narrator: Doug de Nance
Length: 07:28 min.

TV Report, Length: 03:41 min.
ALBERTA: Flashbacks
A TV Report, initially produced for Alberta Weekly TV Magazine. Alberta's landscape forms the backdrop of the Report, which assures that the viewers can see the vastness of Alberta and what the Province of Alberta looks like.

TV Interstitial, Length: 05:56 min.
In TV programming, an interstitial refers to a short program, often shown between movies or other events. ''ALBERTA: Horses'' has been produced for Alberta Weekly TV Magazine, which covered entire Alberta via SD, HD, Optik, and OTA (over the air) TV channels, and entire Canada via Bell Satellite TV. "ALBERTA: Horses" was taped near by Calgary.

ALBERTA Trips, Length: 04:36 min.
ALBERTA: Scenic Trips 01
Located in western Canada, the Province of Alberta is bordered by the Canadian Rocky Mountains to the west and vast prairies and badlands to the east. To the north lie the Northwest Territories. The state of Montana is its USA southern neighbour. Alberta and Montana share the famous Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park.
CALGARY: Photo Albums
Calgary is the largest city in the Province of Alberta, with a metropolitan population of 1,512,539. By area, it is the largest city in Canada.
Calgary Gas Prices